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My goal:
find a job!

My enthusiasm is an asset, I feel ready to start working

Work in my favorite sectors: tourism and luxury sectors. Not that easy! My skills: marketing, communicate manager, press relations and events! All these skills allow me to believe in my goal! Who’s going to offer me a chance?

Why the tourism sector? I grew up in a family fully invested in this sector. I also grew up in a touristic region full of traditions enriched with cultural treasures.

Why the luxury sector? Because I love it’s sophistication. Its an expanding sector in the world and its enthusiasm promotes creation and technical innovation.

But I am interested in lot more sectors! My skills and my knowledge - noticed by my internship supervisors - make me believe in me even though I still have a lot to learn. My youth and my enthusiasm will make the difference. Curious and always looking out for innovation, I am ready to work and take up a new challenge.

Market communication
in the making!

Always very curious, I am your creative force

With a wide range of skills – The "must" in a business school – during my studies, I developed a range of strategies that I would like to develop! Why not in your firm?

The working world is a reality and I have experienced it very often. The firms that I have chosen to trust me offered me the opportunity to evolve in marketing, communication and in events. I enjoyed working in a cosmopolitan environment, like Billabong. During my studies, I wanted to explore another vision of the world, the different working methods as well as the different labor laws.

My summer jobs in the tourism sector allowed me to experience the working world and use my negotiating skills with clients. My thorough knowledge of tourism helped me all through my summer jobs.


my recent working experiences

Marketing and retail

" Reaching objectives to carry out a strategy "

Billabong USA

My mission: analysis report with suggestions of solutions for the group's reputation on the official websites and their social networks. Market studies and mapping for the creation and the setting up of a temporary outlet store, merchandising in Becker stores. Faced with a cosmopolitan environment, I experienced an international corporate culture. The marketing and retail department enriched their vision of fashion by being in contact with a french fashionista.

Media relations and communication

" Promoting a product with a marketing campaign "

Element Europe

My mission: Working with the Element Eden brand, distinguished by its "lifestyle" was very beneficial to me. The responsibilities given to me coupled with their confidence allowed me to challenge myself. This exciting and creative profession requires a strong personal investment in relationships, I liked it very much.


" Organisation and creativity, two assets for the creation of an event "

Palm Beach Evenementiel

My mission: Preparation and coordination of events in collaboration with the project manager, as well as logistical organisation for receptions. From the commercial follow-up to the realisation of visual communication of events, I experienced all the positions of the work. The success of such an event in the luxury sector requires rigour, listening and adaptability.





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Gaëlle Rollet Berraute

Gaëlle Rollet Berraute

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